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Live event painter for weddings and more. Also can create your portrait painting from a photo.



  1. Why hire an artist to paint live?

    Think of the most memorable event you've been to. Why was it special? Usually it has to do with personalization and an intentional message. When these two elements are present at any event, a special memory is created. By hiring Arlissa Vaughn to create an artwork at your event, your guests will feel more connected to your purpose and will remember the party for a long time. Guests see the painting unfold before their eyes in the course of a few hours and during that time are subconsciously impacted by the process. In short, parties with live entertainment are more fun!


  2. What will the painting look like?

    Arlissa will discuss your ideas for the painting to be done at your event during the initial free phone consultation. Together you will come up with suitable imagery for the painting. Some commonly requested ideas include company logos, symbols related to the event theme, ocean waves, florals, landscapes, and abstracts. Ultimately, the painting will be a combination of the requested imagery and Arlissa's unique creative style. (Some samples of Arlissa's live paintings are on the Photos page.)

  3. Who gets to keep the painting?

    You do! The painting created live at your event is yours to keep. If it's a corporate event, you can later display the piece in a prominent area of your lobby or executive office. Churches often exhibit the art in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, or vestibule for years to come. Individuals and couples keep the painting hanging in their favorite location of the house. Fundraisers sometimes auction the artwork at the end of the evening to raise more money for their event. What you do with the artwork created is up to you!

  4. Is the finished painting framed and ready to hang?

    Yes. When you get your finished painting it will be professionally and stylishly framed with a complimentary solid wood frame in the color of your choice (Walnut, Espresso, Cherry, Burgundy, Honey Maple, Natural, White Wash, Grey, Black). Your painting will be ready to hang with proper hanging wires and included hanging hardware. (More frame styles are available for an additional fee, if desired.)

    View the frame choices>>

  5. How long will the artist stay at my event?

    These are the standard lengths of time Arlissa offers for her services:


    • 2 Hour Event -- Good for a reception, dinner, or fundraiser
    • 4 Hour Event -- Good for wedding ceremony + reception, or longer events
    • 2 Day Event -- Good for rehearsal dinner + wedding, conferences, festivals
    Of course, custom requests can also be accomodated. Find out more>>


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At the Event

  1. What do I need to provide for the artist at my event?

    The artist will need a space of about 7'x7' and access to an electrical outlet nearby. Arlissa has all her own supplies including an easel, clamp lights, paints, canvases, drop cloths, plastic, a stool, and a small table for supplies.

  2. Will it bother the artist if my guests watch as she paints?

    Arlissa is very comfortable painting in front of an audience, and even answering any questions guests may have while she's working your event.

  3. Is it messy or smelly?

    No. Arlissa is very careful when painting at your event. She has drop cloths and plastic to protect the surrounding area. She does not splatter, spill, or throw paint, so your guests will feel very safe. Arlissa uses only acrylic paint and water, which emit no toxic chemical smells.

  4. How long does it take to complete the painting?

    Most paintings are completed in 1.5-2 hours. This is because Arlissa does some prep work in the studio before arriving to your event. She will already have a general sketch and base layer of color to start with. For longer events, Arlissa can do multiple paintings or a larger canvas. Arlissa will take the final painting back to her studio after your event for some finishing touches and then return it to you within one week.

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Booking, Etc.

  1. How do I book Arlissa for my event?

    When you're ready, you can reserve your date by paying the booking deposit fee of $150. Please use the contact form to reach the artist directly to arrange payment.

  2. How much is the booking fee?

    The booking fee is $150. This fee is non-refundable deposit and will be applied toward the total event fee.

  3. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?

    That's ok, we just need advance notice. For local events you may cancel or reschedule up to 3 days prior to your local event date for a full refund (except for booking fee). If less than 3 days notice are given, you will be given a 50% refund (except for booking fee). For non-local events you may cancel or reschedule up to 3 weeks prior to your event date for a full refund (except for booking fee). If less than 3 weeks notice are given, you will be given a 50% refund (except for booking fee).

  4. I'd like to have more than one artist at my event, can you help?

    Yes! Arlissa is connected to hundreds of artists worldwide and can assist in arranging multiple artists for your event in any location. Why not have 2 or more artists working at your event? Each artist will capture the event with his/her unique style while painting live and you will have multiple paintings to showcase later. The cost for additional artists can be discussed in your phone consultation.

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Portraits & Commissions

  1. Can you create a custom artwork?

    Yes. Arlissa can create a custom portrait, landscape, or other special imagery based on your interests and desires.

  2. Can you create a painting based on some photos I have?

    Yes. Arlissa can use your photos for inspiration and to get accurate facial/body features or likenesses of other important details. However, Arlissa does not paint in a photo-realistic style; your painting will have visible brushstrokes and a creative interpretation of the images. Please review the Photos link above to see examples of Arlissa's painting style.

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